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Displayed count of titles in folder list mode often is wrong


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In folder list mode are often shown 0 titles even if there are thousand of files in subfolders (screenshot).

OK - I know that 0 means here "no titles in this folder ignoring all subfolders". That's fast to calculate and easy to prog for lazy developers.

But a user weens "count of titles including all subfolders". Or better, both values: Σ top folder / Σ all subfolders



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The number shows the quantity of songs directly contained in that folder, which if all it contains is sub-folders then the correct answer is zero. Windows' folder view just show total items too, unless you view Properties (which is time-consuming scan as it requires a directory crawl and wouldn't work for a quickly displayed list).

In Folders Hierarchy mode (only) it might make sense to show two numbers, the number of actual songs directly in that folder and also the number of subfolders available at that level too (effectively giving an item count rather than just a file count).


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