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Gesture Mode or Shrunken Seek Bar


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I just updated Poweramp for the first time in a long while so I might have misunderstood something in the v3 UI or am just missing an option somewhere. Please let me know if this is the case.

My use case for Poweramp in v2 was having it open to the app while driving with my phone in my lap. I would not look at the screen unless I was changing playlists and otherwise I would just pick it up and swipe left or right across the screen with my thumb to switch tracks until I found something that I like, then continue to swipe back and forth depending on whether I wanted to listen to that song again, or skip tracks to the next song on the album that I like.

In v3 this works about 50% of the time due to the behavior of the seek bar. I think I've used the seek bar intentionally 5-6 times in the time that I've owned Poweramp, but now it grabs the motion of my thumb and I end up halfway through my current song instead of going to the next song.

So the request that I think would be easier would be to shrink the seek bar back down and let a larger portion of the screen be devoted to gesture control.

If I'm asking for my dream feature though, it'd be a mode where it has either album art or the visualizer and everything else is controlled via configurable gestures. My preferred configuration would be swipe left/right for changing tracks, up/down for changing albums, two finger tap for pause, and one finger tap to return to the normal interface. I think this functionality makes more sense for the full screen equalizer but it would be a good mode on its own for people who either can't see or can't look at the buttons well enough to know exactly where to put their thumb.

I imagine eventually my muscle memory will change and I'll just learn to move my thumb higher when swiping left/right, but my joints aren't what they used to be so I figure there's no harm in asking.

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