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HTC U sonic


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Hey :) 

thank you for this great application! 

There's a little bug: using the headphones from HTC with U-sonic System (for me HTC U11), power amp doesn't play the music through it. All others are working great, first I thought my headphones are broken, but when I'm using other music players, it work without problems^^ 

I hope I could help you with this information :D 



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Hi thanks for the report, but how exactly "Poweramp doesn't play" happens:
- Poweramp is playing but no sound
- Poweramp stays on same time and doesn't progress at all

Also do you use hi-res output? If so, try switch to normal one (audiotrack or open sl) - does it work then?

PS I can't reproduce this issue with Poweramp build 812 + HTC U11 plus @ Android 8.0.0.

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