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Design and customizable options


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Thank you for the news V3. It was a nice surprise this morning :) I was a little disturbed at the bebining but I like it more and more !

I have some questions about design and customizable options.

1. Is it possible to give the choice to display or not the informations in green on the screenshot 1 (Folder and Title I think). For me it spoils the beauty of covers.
I tried the theme option "Alternative" (screen 2) but I would prefer to have to possibilty the display or not the information (screen3 I used photoshop).

      Screenshot_20181207-150650_Poweramp.jpg.0ddadd51ce07ee6826a9f4e969564f35.jpg      Screenshot_20181207-150621_Poweramp.jpg.a124b92c45892d9444d63bd18df5c0a0.jpg      screen1.jpg.60a550ad20fbcc1ac67843a0f9da2e62.jpg


2. Is it possible to have the same option for the Lockscreen ? Like don't display the Artiste/Name Song, visualize icone, track caracteristics,  or the effect behind the buttons.



I saw a nice alternative on a custom theme for effect behind the buttons :



Sorry for my bad english, I hope you could unerstand me.

Thank you.


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