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For whatever reason the only options for playing a queue is to play it immediately or to play it after the current song.  Previous versions of Poweramp (V2) had the option to play the the queue after the current list/album.  This was ideal for someone that plays whole albums and not individual songs.

In addition, please add the ability to show all of the album art without rounding the corners.  I don't understand why the only current option is to round off corners on an originally square image.

Lastly, a normal seekbar would be ideal.  Hopefully these are options that would be extremely easy to implement.

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4 hours ago, andrewilley said:

(1) is a core feature that Max would need to restore (not sure why it went away, perhaps it just got forgotten in the code re-write).

(2) and (3) are already skinnable, for example 


I mentioned this in another thread.  That skin is almost perfect, but it drastically shrinks the album art and causes lots of empty space. (see image below)  It works fine on my wife's phone.  It seems like it could be an issue with 1440p screen resolutions vs. 1080p, where it sets the size of everything based on pixels and not screen size.


I've also noticed issues with deleting older items from the queue messing up the currently playing track in  the queue.  If I delete an already played track, the queue will continue playing but will display the next track as "now playing"  and then stop at the end of the current track.  It makes it nearly impossible to have an ongoing playlist without just continually increasing the size of the queue.


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