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Any way to disable buttons at lock screen?

Igor Vagulin

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Hi All,

I there any way to disable controls at lock screen? Can't find it anywhere.


Looks like there is no way to disable widget at lock screen since v3. My songs keep changing and pausing while I walking. Don't understand whole rationale for this change. Lock screen is there for a reason after all.

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19 hours ago, Saket said:

Lockscreen widget is not at all working for me for some reason.

But I think turning everything off in "lockscreen" option would disable from lockscreen for you.

Thanks for hint but no. I already disabled everything I found related to lock screen in settings. Still this pesky buttons are at lock screen and keep pressing in my pants. Can you recommend some other android player?

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Turn off "double tap to wake the screen" option. It turns on the screen in the pocket.

Another thing is see if you can hide Poweramp notification from the lockscreen. Many devices have the option, many don't.

As for me, I have turned off every notification on the lockscreen and that's why Poweramp widget doesn't show on lockscreen.


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