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PA does not remember the position of the track when turn it off


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I use the player in the car. For some time the player stopped remembering the position of the track after turning off the device. The track player itself remembers, but the position is not. How does track position memory work? Everything works fine on the phone.

I use Poweramp Music Player V3 alpha-build-702, Andriod 5.1.1

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Thanks for the quick response!
Conducted an experiment: 
Put the player on pause, close PA, turn-off device, turn-on device and start PA. Position is resume.
How to close PA correctly when shutting down the system?
Now when I turn off the device the intent "com.device.poweroff" is sent:

final static String PowerOff = "com.device.poweroff";
Intent POff = new Intent(Settings.PowerOff);

Theoretically, all applications should complete correctly, because the power does not disappear, device is turned off by a can-bus signal.

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3 minutes ago, maxmp said:

Poweramp does indeed tries to receive shutdown broadcast and pause itself, though it obviously doesn’t work on your device for some reason.

Made in China ((. 

What broadcast message pauses the player? 

I found broadcast "com.device.poweroff" and "android.intent.action.ACTION_SHUTDOWN"
I suspect that they are not sent to the system on this firmware. Maybe I can send it forcibly through my service, fix chinese programmers.

Sorry for the stupid questions, all my life I have written programs for windows and on android just starting

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I also saw a problem on the car device: if you pause the PA, do not close the player and turn off the car device, the position will be lost. If you pause, close the PA, turn off the car device, then the position will be restored at startup. Is this a car device problem or does the player remember the position when it is turned off and not during a pause?

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