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Alternative actions for swipe up/down on main UI album covers


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Currently only swiping down on the main UI's album cover does anything (returns to library). Simply tapping on the album cover does the same.

I recall the old Poweramp switching albums with up/down and to do the same again in PA3 would be great considering:

- Skipping forwards/backwards via the album cover is alreadya default navigation method. This FR would build upon this navigation.

- The default skin controls remove the jump forwards/backwards list buttons (non-Pro buttons) and this FR would restore that ability without cluttering the seekbar (Pro buttons). No sacrifice to being able to navigate lists quickly is made by using the non-Pro, seekbar-friendlier, buttons.

I don't know what plans may be in place, hence why I'm asking for an alternate action set for up/down swiping to mimic v2.



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