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Rating Type visibility: Hidden or Disabled.

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I like the rating system but would like their icons to be hidden from the main UI (on album covers) and instead remain tucked away under the more options (vertical ellipsis) button. An option like Rating Type Visibility: Hidden could do this. The reason being is that i rarely rate tracks but sometimes it's useful and to have to enable a feature to occasionally do so is cumbersome.

Currently, disabling the rating type also removes it from showing in the more options menu (which seems unnecessary to me). This would be fine if there was a Hidden option too that does as I suggest: hide from the UI, but remains accessible from the more options button.




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I think the friendliest solution would be a new option following "Rating Type" named "Show rating buttons on Main UI" for example, which would be checked by default and would show the buttons both on the Main UI and in the more menu (as is the current implementation). Unchecking the option would remove it from the Main UI but leave it showing in the more menu. The option description could toggle to read "Rating buttons still accessible via the more menu.".

The "Rating Type" "Disabled" option could then disable the feature entirely, removing all signs of it from both areas of the UI.


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