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Android notifications causing pause in music

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Whenever I have a text message or email notification, the Poweramp-playing music stops while the notification "rings" and then music resumes.

Other music playing apps I have used allow the music to continue streaming while the notification simply plays on-top-of the music.

Can this be done with Poweramp?

I'm running Android Froyo on a stock-ROM Samsung Epic (D700.0.5) on Sprint.

-- Mitch

P.S. I tried searching for this and didn't find any previous discussion.

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I experience the same issue with with my running app, Endomondo, with Poweramp stopping the track (not quite pausing it) as the app exits whenever I receive the first notification of total run distance. Before, this was not the case, as I recall: depending on the nature of the notification, the music would have paused and then resumed.

Please investigate and fix for next release...



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It's because you're all using Samsung devices, and Max made the setting "short audio focus change" automatically selected in the new versions you're using. If you want to unselect it just go to the settings, then audio, then audio focus, then unselect short audio focus.

He did this because Samsung likes playing your notification through speakers, and no one wants their phone playing music through their speakers when they have headphones on (which happened to some, but not all).

Hope that helps.

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