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AAC Bug: Won't Detect Genre When Song Has Multiple Genres


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Hopefully this isn't a re-post. I looked around at posts since the 810 update, but didn't see any on this issue.

I updated to 810 yesterday and I'm having a slight problem with AAC and ALAC files that wasn't present before the update. When a song encoded in either of these formats has more than one genre, Poweramp doesn't detect any genre at all.

I tried a "Rescan" then a "Full Rescan", but neither of those fixed the issue. I played around with the tags in Foobar2000 (desktop version) and it seems that if the file has a single genre, then Poweramp can see the genre, but if it has multiple genres, then it doesn't show it as having any genre (in the tag editor) and puts it in the "Unknown genre" folder.

I checked to see if the issue was present with other formats - I tested WAV and .mp3 files - and the issue is not present for either of these formats.

This issue was not present before the update to 810.

Build Version: v3-build-810-play (Full Version)

Device: Cat S41

ROM: Android 7.0

Is there any other information that would be helpful for me to include?

Is there a setting somewhere on the user's side of things that could be causing this?

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