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Niagara Launcher Music Controls Support


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I really like Poweramp and it is my go to music player but with Niagara Launcher, there is a widget on the homescreen that appears when there is a music playing, however with Poweramp, the controls are not functioning. The developer of the launcher said to contact the developer of the music app to get support. Thank you very much. Screenshot_20181127_205450.thumb.jpg.e24082e60eb7cae224dd34f52ef414f7.jpg

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Thanks for chiming in!

Hopefully it's ok for me to hijack this thread further as I think both issues are related.

7 hours ago, maxmp said:

Poweramp v3 may use a standard notification (and uses it by default on Androids 8.0, though this also depends on device/rom, as some have no standard media notification implemented). You can select Notification type in PA Look and feel / Notifications.

I'm using a Nexus 5X on Oreo (latest November patch). When I select "Auto" or "Media / Colorized", the notification is mirrored but lacks the media controls. Any other option and the notification isn't mirrored at all. I've also played with the various options on the page to no avail.

I've asked the dev of Join for more info re: requirements for the media player control to show.

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