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Songs skipping to the next one halfway through


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I have had quite a few bugs this week. At first the bottom bar that shows the artist now playing was always showing incorrect artist. That problem seems to have resolved as of today. Now some of my albums are forwarding to the next track halfway through each song. This only happens on some albums. Also, I'm just having a lot of audio issues. All my usual presets sound all out of wack. Usually I have the preamp right at 0, but now I have to roll it back to -4 or -5 to avoid distortion on anything with the slightest bit of bass. Rolling the preamp back that much takes all the bite out of the mix and everything sounds super dull now. The lows are sloppy and loose at times and the highs are screeching at times. Also, albums sound DRASTICALLY different from one another...to the point that I have to complete remix everything each time I change albums.

I should mention that I got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy A6) and new SD card (Samsung Class 10 64GB) right about the time of this new update. My previous phone (also a Samsung) was running version 3 and had none of these issues. I just rechecked it today, and it still is free from the issues of this new phone.

Any ideas on the problem??

  1. New Phone
  2. New SD Card
  3. New Poweramp Update

Is it possible to go back to version 2 just to see if I fixes the issues but still keep your V3 presets?


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