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Poweramp starts playing when i change stations in my radio app


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ive got Poweramp installed on my android radio in my car, and since V3 (any build of it), this is my problem:

Poweramp starts, plays a bit and then instantly stops again when i switch the FM radio Station on my Android radio. (I dont want Poweramp to do anything at all when i listen to the radio) This did not happen in v2, but now does in v3. I have already changed every option in the headset menu and also direct volume control. Radio is Android 6.0.

I went back to V2 cause it was driving me nuts, but maybe there is a solution for this Problem?

I also made a Video of the Problem, i can send a link to it via pm to moderators if they want.



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4 hours ago, maxmp said:

Your radio sends play command. Don’t ask me why but they do that, probably to auto resume connected device/player.

You may try to disable headset controls in Poweramp to diagnose that.

I have exact same problem. There should be a setting in options like "Poweramp stop responding media keys when closed" for android car users. It should be an easy task. When user enables this option => if user closes Poweramp completely Poweramp shouldnt respond any media key like play command until user reopens Poweramp. This will make Poweramp usable in all android car media units. Lastly what i dont get is Poweramp v2 didnt have this problem. Everything was working perfectly. What is changed in Poweramp v3?


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