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Power amp beeps twice and skips songs

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I posted this thread under common talk because it might be a feature or something wrong with my phone but i dont know

I have a droid 2 and sometimes while Poweramp is playing a song, it beeps twice and then skips to the next track

if this is a feature please let me know how to disable it and if there is anything i can do to stop it also let me know


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Beep means there is incoming headset button press command.

If you're sure you didn't press anything on headset while this happened, it can be due to:

- hardware issue (connector harware mailfunction)

- wiring/connector issue (try another headset)

- software issue - some other app generates headset button press events.

You can disable PowerAMP Headset support in PowerAMP Headset options, but the headset command will just invoke stock (or other 3rd party) player then.


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