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Folder.jpg not showing on all songs in its folder.


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Hello, I just updated to the new version and I like it a lot (at first I thought I wouldn't but got used to it I guess, feels more modern now) but I found one thing which I'm not sure if it's a bug but would like to mention anyway. Here's an example:

1. I've got a folder with 7 mp3 songs, one Folder.jpg file and one m3u file.

2. 2 of the songs have embedded album art in them and the other 5 do not.

3. The songs that don't have album art display the Folder.jpg as their thumbnail in the playlist - this is perfect. But now the problem comes that the image above all songs when the playlist is opened in Poweramp (at the top) doesn't show the Folder.jpg image but takes an embedded one from one of the songs that have album art inside of them. Is it possible to make that new top playlist image show the Folder.jpg image instead? Also as a side note - I think it would be even better if all songs used the Folder.jpg of their folder - even the ones which have embedded art in them. This could be an option in settings ofcourse as not everyone may like it. But the playlist top image should always show the Folder.jpg image and not an image from some mp3 inside of it. Other than this the player looks and works great :)

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