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Distortion when playing music through Hi-Res Output (Experimental)


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I have been using Poweramp as my only mean of listening to music for almost 5 years now!

That being said, after the Poweramp v3 704, and when playing music through the Hi-Res Output (Experimental) option (at 192K), there is a massive and nasty distortion in the sound, especially while using the pre-amp. It exists even after disabling the pre-amp, and it's annoying. Note, that this distortion does NOT exist on any v3 version from 704 and lower. I can pump up the pre-amp to maximum, with 0 noticeable distortion. 

I use the Hi-Res Output since have a relatively high-quality DAC, the Topping NX4 DSD (Not the NX4 variant that doesn't have DSD). The distortion exists whether or not I use the DAC or connect the headset directly to the phone. I even tried other pairs of headsets, but the problem still persists. Clearly, it's a problem from the software side. I have been waiting for a fix for God knows how long. And I didn't want to upgrade my phone to Android Oreo (currently on Android 7.1.1), so that I can continue to use the Poweramp v3 704 version, as it works best, in terms of sound quality.

Here are a few extra details:

My phone model: Samsung Note 8 Duos (international, SM-N950F)

Android: Android 7.1.1

Hope to see a fix in the coming versions rather soon!

Best wishes, and keep up the great work

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Distortion happens because you amplificate basses without enough headroom in the signal. To avoid that, reduce preamp.

Unfortunately, Samsungs @ Android 7 don’t support hi-res + DVC (but same samsungs support it on 6.0 and 8.0), so no default headroom there. Either use preamp or just normal output with DVC for high basses amplification.

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First of all, thanks for your informative reply.

Well, that's interesting!

I wonder how come Samsung with Android 7.X doesn't support Hi-Res, when using the v3 704 with Hi-Res works just absolutely fine, with 0 issues??

The thing that's happening with the new builds (>704) is that on Hi-Res, the distortion exists regardless of whether or not you use the pre-amp. I realize that you said it's because Samsungs with Android 7 don't support it; but I just want to know for sure if I upgrade to Android 8, will the distortion disappear with the Hi-Res enabled (at least when pre-amp is disabled)?


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