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Reload Album Art


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I submitted what I thought was a bug regarding album art a few days ago and this request relates to that.

When I initially generated the song library, several (at least 15% or around 300) of the songs displayed the incorrect album art or no album art in the Player UI (despite the fact that all the problematic songs do have embedded art and that there were no problems with Poweramp version 2). I thought I was correcting the issue by manually telling Poweramp to use the embedded Album art work but that actually caused additional problems and every time I assigned artwork to one song, Poweramp automatically assigned the same art work to all songs in the same album with the same artist (note that it did not change the embedded art, only what Poweramp displays). I can see why that might be useful but it is not what I expected to happen. Now, I have a large number of songs with completely incorrect album artwork.

There appears to be no way to correct this problem. I think it would be useful for there to be a way to make the app rebuild whatever table it stores the art associations in.

For reference, the following did not correct the problem

Library > Full rescan

Album Art > Delete Cache

Album Art > Reset Negative status

Deleting all data from Poweramp and then doing a full rescan.

Uninstalling Poweramp and the unlocker and then reinstalling (how on earth do you explain this).

Deleting the only file that possesses the artwork that is being displayed for all the files in the album and rescanning.

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@Maxmp, I tried to send you a message but it wouldn't allow me and I received a popup stating that you do not receive messages. I've reproduced the attempted PM below:


I am using version 3 build 808 with Android 6.0.1 Samsung galaxy s5

Just to be clear, there are two separate but related issues.

The first that you requested additional information about is that Poweramp by default does not display or displays incorrect album art for some songs that have embedded album art. It is very sporadic and I'm afraid that I may not be much help. There doesn't seem to be any pattern that I can detect between when the art displays correctly and when it does not except that it is more often correct than not. Art that displayed correctly on the thumbnail sometimes appears incorrectly when that song appears in the Player UI. Sometimes, the art does not appear and then corrects itself when the app is reopened. Sometimes, correct art is shown initially but not the next time the song shows up in the Player UI. There are several images below that show the problem. I've included one of the mp3 files (though I doubt that the problem is with specific files given that there were no problems when the same files were used in version 2 and sometimes, the files do in fact display correctly).

The second issue is actually more interesting to me. I describe it in the last image below. I think that it might point to an oversight in the Full rescan function.


Please let me know if these ever get resolved, if you'd like me to test anything or provide any more information, or anything else that I could do to help.



Brandenburg Example.jpg

Follow Me Example.jpg

Joseph Lamb Exmaple.jpg

Schubert Example.jpg

Different Art in Same Album Example.jpg

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@maxmpI don't know if you've had a chance or intend to look at the response I wrote above but I have some additional information that might be of use.

1. Every time Poweramp failed to recognize the embedded album art, I was able to make it correct itself by selecting the setting "Album Art > Reset Negative Status". This happened for 18 out of the 18 I tried. Nevertheless, there is still something wrong. It doesn't recognize it immediately far too often.

2. I think I at least partially figured out what was going on with regard to the second issue I had where Poweramp, even after uninstalling, somehow managed to remember the album art I manually selected (I described this in more detail in the attached image of the post above). It turned out that the contents of the folder "_com.maxmpz.audioplayer > album_art" was not being deleted, even after uninstalling. When I manually deleted the contents of that folder, the second issue corrected itself.

I think it might be a good idea to provide some way to delete the contents of this folder from the app (even if it is just lumped in with "Full Rescan") and it really should be deleted on uninstall I think.



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