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Poweramp Build 809


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17 hours ago, AllCoreListener said:

I just did what you said but went out of beta program and uninstalled v2, then came here and downloaded apk v3 809 and installed and it did just fine this way as final without the wait. Oh well, guess if you want final without the wait, that is the only option if you don't have it on play store.

Worked just fine this way. Just update from the site with 810 and no reason to stick on beta either.

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Hi Max,

I am currently on the android Pie one UI beta for the S9+

Poweramp has always worked very fine for me but I've encountered this weird issue, it looks like Hi Res audio is broken but in player menu it says playing in Hi Res, I've added some screenshots so maybe you could help me.

Love the work, love Poweramp and thank you for this great app.

Ps: my apologies if this has already been asked and answered. 


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