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Poweramp Build 809


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Build 809:
• Hi-Res support for Huawei Mate 20 series (incl. LDHC/HWA)
• improved Hi-Res + DVC + LDAC on Samsungs @ Android 8
• improved Album Art resolution in Folders Hierarchy
• improved file deletion from sd-card for Android 5 (Note: Meizu Android 5 ROMs have a bug which prevents deletion)
• new boring Album Art / Force Default Image option
• fix for Huawei @ Android 8 + Hi-Res + DVC volume controls on lockscreen
• translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
• other bug fixes

Build 808:
• Hi-Res + DVC support for Pie + Qualcomm devices (up to 192khz)
• Hi-Res + DVC now shouldn't force speaker on some Qualcomm devices (Note: Xiaomis + Hi-Res still may fail if speakerphone is used e.g. for ringtone volume change while Poweramp plays)
• improved resuming after call
• new Look and Feel / Notifications / Notification Type option
• improved Volume Panel behavior
• improved double press on << >> BT buttons
• fixed Album Artists label in place of Album
• translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
• bug fixes


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Hi-Res for old Android versions wasn't changed. As for Samsungs, nothing can be done for older androids (on some Samsungs it works with DVC, including Android 5.0-6.0 devices, Android 7.0 - Hi-Res + DVC fails,  Android 8.0 - it works fine again).

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@maxmpThank you for the good work. Only the buffer section seems to be incompletely translated, and because of that, it's very confusing. If you translate this section again, I would like to thank you for the English translation, until now it's 80% And until here it was only here that a mistake was made that it was not a problem. If you look at the translations, you will notice the mistake of this section and maybe it will fix the problem without removing it.


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22 minutes ago, Ali888 said:

@maxmp thanks for answer.

So there is no way to Hi-Res works properly on Android 7.0 ?

(Even in upcoming updates)

If you means Samsungs @ Android 7.0, it works, but without DVC (so you need to lower preamp if you increase basses). Or use normal outputs + DVC, they work fine on Samsungs @ 7.0

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(808 beta) A couple of quick questions

1- If I've turned off DVC in Advanced tweaks does it override the No DVC setting in OpenSL ES Output where No DVC can be specified in the settings for each device - Headset, Speaker, Bluetooth, etc?

2- In Look and Feel I've set Screen Orientation to Portrait(Vertical). This is fine for the Player screens, but seems to have no effect on the PA Settings screens, they all rotate with the device. Is it that the Settings screens use a "method" that can't be controlled with this setting?

I'm really happy with PA v3, thanks!

EDIT: Moto X4 - Android 8.1

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7 hours ago, Chubby Doughnut said:

Sorting by Album/Artist is broken. It used to sort tracks by Artist, then by album followed by their correct track number. Now it sorts by artist, then album followed by tracks in alphabetical order. Please fix this :(

You can change the order. On top of the list:

3 dots> list options

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1 hour ago, hypomaniac-eric said:

I know right?  All this foreign language is annoying me.   I get updates and come here thinking I'm going to see useful information and it's all gibberish. 

Yes, this is meant to be an English-language forum if for no other reason than otherwise people's posts will simply get ignored by the vast majority of users so they won't get any useful responses or feedback here. I have just opened the 'International' forum to other non-English languages to see if that helps, and moved the Persian translation posts there.


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