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Hi everyone. Bild 1.1.7 Poweramp Spectrum Kit is available in Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.powermilk.spectrumkit
Major changes:
- peak support (spectrum 1 2)
- rounding support (spectrum 1 3 6)
- management of peak parameters (bars_peak_height, bars_peak_spacing, bars_peak_delay, bars_peak_accel, bars_peak_color_t, bars_peak_color_b)
- temporarily removed bars_mode 7 (no support in Poweramp 905)
- new menu
- new starting song
- sort "by name"/"by date" on "open"/"save" screens
- push notification about the readiness of the gift
- new icons
- numbering in the market of the "number of open" / "total" visualizations
- ordinal numbering in the market when viewing
- notification of available new visualizations in the market
- minor fixes

For spectrum visualizations, the editor is the main application, new visualizations will appear in it first. This applies to app "spectrum" "club" "fire" "ice" "nature" "modern" "cloud".

I advise you to purchase a complete package of all visualizations in the market, all future visualizations will also be available.

Many unique visualizations have been added to the market:



















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On 12/6/2018 at 4:00 AM, bongobill said:

You can always download tryptonaut milk presets and put the zip file in the Poweramp milk presets folder for over 700 awesome effects. 

http://ghostco.de/milkdrop/tryptonaut milkdrop pack.zip

Hi! Thanks. I selectin from over 40,000 milk presets, including these. But many presets don't work in Poweramp or not work correctly. If you want look some presets in my apk, i include it in free version. Write me milk name.

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3 hours ago, PowerMilk said:

Ahah. I have 22 active installations on android 4🤣

There might be some people running the old interim alpha-test version, build 709, which did support visualisations but did not yet have the new material-design user interface, and was thus the last release that could be used with pre-Lollipop devices.


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