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Album artwork bug


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I have encountered a few probable issues (that were not present in v2) involving Album Artwork

1. Occasionally (I cannot reproduce it on demand), the incorrect album artwork or no album artwork is shown for a track. All of my tracks include embedded artwork and I can force the artwork to correct itself by manually choosing the embedded artwork. I have disabled all download artwork related options and am doing these experiments in airplane mode.

Here's what information I can provide.

I have ~2000 tracks, all with embedded artwork.

I have disabled all the options in the Album Art settings menu.

I looked through the list of songs (List-Compact setting if that matters) and all songs were shown with artwork on the left. I cannot be certain that they were the correct artwork but they were definitely all there.

When I start playing and swipe left/right to change songs, occasionally (seemingly randomly), the incorrect artwork or no artwork is shown.

When I go back to the song list, the artwork that was originally present on the left is no longer shown. Instead, the incorrect one or no artwork is shown.

I can manually correct the issue by long pressing where the art should be, selecting "Album Art", and choosing the embedded art (that is present in all my tracks).

This solution however immediately overwrites all the other album artwork for tracks in the same album with the same artist and there does not seem to be any way to correct it (rescanning, deleting cache). The previous version of Poweramp was one of the few music players that easily accommodated albums with different artwork for each track gracefully and I hope this can be corrected. This issue only seems happens when I manually select the embedded album art.

I have deleted the cache several times and it does not solve the problem. In fact, deleting the cache does not seem to do anything at all and it happens so fast, I wonder it if is functioning. I obviously don't know the inner workings pf Poweramp but it seems to me like Poweramp searches for artwork immediately before playing a track and that it does it differently than when it is building the library initially. It seems that manually selecting artwork is immediately assigned a higher priority than whatever the original artwork displayed was.

2. As mentioned briefly above, rescanning, deleting the cache, and performing a Full Rescan do no seem to be performing their intended function. None of these items corrects the album artwork. What makes me most suspicious of their functionality is that I would select a random track from an album with 15 tracks and assign its embedded artwork using the steps listed above, causing all the other tracks to display that image even though none of them have the same embedded artwork. Then, even after deleting the cache and performing a Full Rescan, it would still display that image. As far as I can tell, Poweramp shouldn't know what artwork I told it to display after the cache is deleted.

As an aside, there does not seem to be any way to force Poweramp v3 to completely delete and remake its library. I would expect Full rescan to accomplish that but it doesn't seem to. There is a related issue I'm having with playlists that I will report separately.

Please feel free to use me to test ideas or provide additional information. That is afterall what a Beta tester is for. This is a bug report, not a complaint (well...maybe a little bit of a complaint...)

Samsung galaxy s5 Android 6.0.1 Poweramp Full Version Build 807

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