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Pa V3; Some comments


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I have had v3 for a couple of days. I was hoping to find some sort of manual. Hate it when I have to find things out on my own. Not this time. Visualizations is a "blast from the past". A Sony Playstation that could play CDs had this feature. I was playing an audio CD, and I hit a button. There were visualizations on the TV. It was like "taking a trip without leaving the farm"! I doubt if I use that feature again. Need the battery. Just a short time ago I used REVERB>PRESET. Good ole DSPs are back! I had a PIONEER 5.1 Receiver that had these. My favourite setting was STUDIO. I tried a Hollies' CD where the singers were coming from the front speakers, and the back-up singers (3rd part harmony) were coming from the rears. Old is new again! The v2 was good, but the v3 is great! I am in my mid60s. The music I listen to is Rock & Country from the late '50s to mid '70s. I was drummer for about 30 years. My dad was in the USAF, and in 1962-64 I was fortunate to be able to live in England. Take a gander at my UN. Yep, I am still a big Dave Clark 5 fan. As a drummer I wanted to HEAR the bass, Not feel it. If perchance there may be some othe musicians, still playing or retired I would like to hear from you. It is really good I can still listen to the music back in my teenage years that's clearly clean! Sorry for the blog. 

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