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805 - at the end of album, last song starts again for a few seconds


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it happened once, i usually click the next song at the end, but ill let it stop itself for a while see if it still does it.

both shuffle and repeat are "off/normal".

i played a song in an album and let it go to the end.  the last song repeated for a few seconds, then stopped.

updated over 804, clear cache, restart, and full rescan as part of update process.

500 track library of itunes bought m4a with metadata and folders structure intact.

opensl es, sox 16/48, aux out, no themes.

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Happened to me too a few times, when albums last track finishes playing, it starts again but it looks like it isn't playing (play button doesn't turn to pause button).

I use bass extreme equalizer with tone option disabled, album replay gain enabled, sox resampler with low shibata dithering, all other audio options are default ones. music files are 16bit 44.1kHz flac. my phone is LG Magna with android 6.0 and I'm listening through earphones.

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