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Queue/Playlist: don't restart song currently playing


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When adding star-ratings to the currently playing song I often accidentally tap the artist or title above the star ratings, opening the queue instead.

It would be nice if I could close it again by just tapping the currently playing song appearing exactly at the first tap position. But doing so RESTARTS the currently playing song ?

So I always have to tap the current song at the lower end of the screen to close the queue without interrupting playback. That's not very convenient, I rarely want to actually start the same song from the beginning, so this doesn't even count as a feature :-)

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I very much agree. I think that selecting the currently playing song should NOT restart the song. I understand why the developer would implement it this way but I'm pretty sure (based entirely on how ingrained the habit is for me) that it is a change from the previous version that probably doesn't provide any additional value.

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