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Can't shuffle Library playlist - All Songs shuffle instead

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I expected that activating Shuffle while playing a song in a playlist would commence shuffling the songs in that playlist, like it does in every other music player I have used.

Unfortunately, Poweramp always shuffles All Songs when Shuffle is activated, regardless of context.

How can I get it to shuffle just the songs in a Library playlist when I press Shuffle?

Also, I don't need support for formats that Android doesn't support, so is there a way for me to turn off Poweramp Folders so I can use Poweramp the same way I use any Android music player, by syncing to the Android Media Library?

Other than these problems I really like Poweramp. The cross-fade support and the EQ are very welcome. I wish Android itself would support a system-wide EQ.

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Shuffle has several modes, actually 3:

Shuffle ALL

Shuffle current list only (depends on which list is currently selected - folder/playlist/album/artist/genre)

Shuffle NONE.

You can switch between modes by pressing SHUFFLE button or long pressing it.

SHUFFLE from lists will shuffle in "Shuffle current list only" mode.

Also, PowerAMP is able to randomly sort user created playlists. This produces sort of permanent shuffle which can survive phone reboots, etc. - as the playlist entries are literally shuffled and kept in that random order forever.

(Playlists => any playlist => menu => SORT).

PowerAMP v2.x will add additional shuffle mode - Shuffle by list, when song order in a list (album/folder/etc) won't be shuffled, by the lists itself will be randomly picked.


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