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folders in folder hide sub

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i use folder grid view and was wondering, i have folders within a folder like x bands albums, id like to just view the main folder that all the other folders are in, like x bands has 10 albums in one folder x band 2 again has 10 albums in its own folder etc etc, at the moment, in folder view some bands have 20 or thirty albums and they are all on the main screen, id just like to be able to go into on folder few x band and choose what album id want to play, rather then see them all on the main screen, kinda cluttered.


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I have the exact same question as fender62 and think that you are correct Andre

Could you please show us Newbies how to set up Poweramp to display the "motherfolde"first and, after selecting this folder, showing the "childfolders" ?


Thank you so much

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