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Headset buttons not working in background


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While the app is in the foreground everything works normally. However, while playing in the background, the headset button does nothing. Volume control works since it's controlled by the system rather than the app. I'm running build 799 

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Does this also happen with other music players like spotify as well? 

I had similar issues with 7.1.1 nougat on my Nokia 8 where hf buttons were working fine when the screen was on and I was doing other things like browsing Facebook. 


But soon as my screen went off, then only single click (play/pause) was working on every music player and I couldn't even answer incoming phone calls. 

However update to 8.0 beta fixed the problem and now I can control my music and answer incoming calls when my phone is in my pocket. 


So test it out with other music players and then report back how it behaved. Then we can narrow it down to be either something on your phone if it doesn't work in other players, but if it works in other players then it might be something on Poweramp. 


Other thing that might help you out is sony smartkey app


It enables you to create a customized click commands for your hf buttons, and some phones and roms I have been able to fix these kinds of issues with this or other similar apps. 

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