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[799] New folders at top after sort.


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version: 799, device: lg g5 (h850), ROM: Lineage OS 15.1, unofficial, self-build.

I'm a new user, so this may be operator error.

I update the directory holding music by rsync (sshelper).  That goes okay.  I rescan the top directory in the hierarchy.  The new folders are there, but instead of being displayed alphabetically, the new folders are at the top.   Within the sub folders the files are displayed alphabeticallly.  Operator error?  Intended result?  Bug?  (I could probably fix things by "touching" the directories, but that might involve a complete new scan.)

Asides as a new user.

1. I got powerapp for two reasons.  The first is that, probably as a result of age, my hearing isn't the same in both ears, and this app allows for right/left balance.  It is surprising, but true, that this capability is  not baked into Android, not even in the accessibility area. The second reason is that I could buy this directly.  I don't have gapps (Google apps) installed.

2.  The interface is a bit eccentric, but fair enough.  I think that this move towards homogeneity in UI is silly. The complexity of the UI should depend on the richness of information one wants to display/use.

3.  I do everything by albums, so the Folders Hierarchy (and queue) are the only bits of the library that I use.  It would be nice if it were possible to start up with Folders Hierarchy (perhaps it is possible, and I've missed how). 

4.  Most importantly, with a few adjustments (right/left balance, middle preset eq) music on my phone sounds really good now. 


Best wishes,



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