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Red Balooon

No pause on navigation

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Really bad bug in this version:  it doesn't pause when using Navigation (i.e. google maps).  Wife was driving, and I was futzing around with the player, and I tried every combination and permutation of the "change focus" controls, and it would not work at all.  The music kept playing, way louder than the navigation lady, and I could not hear what she was saying.  Wife made me turn off the music altogether, which is the worst possible outcome on a long trip.

Of course this is on top of the bugs that I posted about before, none of which are corrected.  Maybe they are personal to me, but they bother me.  (E.g., "shuffle songs in the list" should be the default when playing the list, and should be depicted only by the icon with the three rectangles to the left of the crossed arrows and with no other icon, particularly not icons that mean something else in other contexts).

But I have to say: if navigation isn't fixed, for me that's the breaking point.  I would absolutely need a different player, for car trips.

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