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Folder Heirarchy Sorting Options


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Hey there. During playing around with the latest build of v3, i and several other users noticed an issue where the Folder Heirarchy's sorting did not default to sorting alphabetized by folder as it normally would. After another user directed me to roll back to an earlier build, that issue corrected itself, but i then noticed that there was no option to configure the sorting to your preference at all. There are no sorting options at the root of folder heirarchy, only options to set how you view them, like grid sizes or list sizes. Once you tap the first parent folder, the only sorting options you get are file specific (IE, by track #, By Title, By Filename, etc.), none of which affect the sorting of the folders themselves. If my memory serves me correctly, this was indeed a feature that v2 had, and should absolutely be present in v3. Whatever strange bug is affecting the default a-z sorting in the newest build might be completely mitigated by just implementing proper sorting options for folder structure, similar to how any operating system would do it (IE, by folder name, size, modified date, options for ascending or descending, etc.)


Thanks so much for all the hard work, and hope to see v3 become even better!

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