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Please add Album Artist to main list option and auto Save Ratings to tags


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Most of my albums have many featured artists within a single album so sorting by artist is messy.  I always view by album artist in the media players in windows.  This is easiest and most efficient since there are many albums even under a single album artist.  Please make this an option.

Also.  Please auto load and save new ratings from/to the tags!  I use another media player at the moment because of these two features that are very important.  I like to sync back tag ratings to my laptop.  I already bought Poweramp and I would like to use it as my main since the sound quality blows everything else away.

Also, it doesn't seem to be updating from the playlists I have that are made from smart auto in another program. It loads them once the first time and that's it. Maybe it could refresh them every time the program opens.

Also please stop the back button from exiting the app, I've done this over a hundred times by accident.

Thank you in advance :D

If you could also add %comment% & %grouping% options to view and sort by that would be fantastic, but the first two requests are my main priority.

Just noticed the other day how it has a setting that auto handles gapless and crossfade depending on album type, that is awesome. good job.

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