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Poweramp v3 ignores MediaSession commands


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It looks like new Poweramp ignores MediaSession commands such as pause or play from 3rd party media control apps.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Compile and install https://github.com/matejdro/PowerAmpMediaControllerBugSample
  2. Open test app
  3. Grant app notification access (needed for playback control)
  4. Start playing media on Poweramp
  5. Press pause button in the test app

Upon pressing pause, Poweramp's playback should pause but it does not. If you install old non-beta Poweramp or try it with any other media app (just replace package in the MainActivity), this works.

I've reproduced this on rc-build-797-play.

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This works if I target Poweramp specifically, but if I want to build universal media control app that controls whatever media app user uses, then Poweramp-specific API does not help me much.


MediaSession API is universal Android API and it works on every single other app, including the old Poweramp, so I suspect there is just simple bug that prevents it from working.

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