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How to add multiple songs at once (!) to a playlist?


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In order to setup my individual sequence of songs I created a new, own playlist (lets call it "myplaylist").

Now I want to add 80 (already existing) songs to it.

As far as I can see I can add one particular song to a playlist at a time by using the three dots menu right of each song.

But having to do this for 80 somgs would be rather tedious.

Is there a way to mark 80  (or lets say 60 out of 80) songs and add them all in ONE STEP to my playlist?





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To select multiple tracks view All Tracks, click Select (new version of Poweramp) on the top of the list You will see select boxes appear on each track and at the bottom options to add to existing or new playlist. Simply tick all the tracks you want to add then click playlist and either add new or select an existing one

This behaviour applies throughout the app eg for albums, artists, genres etc

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