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Losing license every few days.


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Back to 2011, i purchased unlocker version from your website.
Since when, unlocker is no longer needed, i can restore purchase by the order ID with non play version.
After validated the code, i can upgrade to latest version thru play store.

But the problem is, i will losing the license every few days.
I need uninstall, reinstall, validate, and upgrade again.

It is very annoying.

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3 minutes ago, wc_how said:

But the problem is, i lost the unlocker, and i have no way to regain it.

Ah, in which case contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com and they will be able to sort it out for you. It's easiest if you are still using the same email address, but if not they can change the licence for you, 


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