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Playlist bug


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I've noticed weird playlist behavior with V3/797 also.  I have (well, had...) about 20 playlists, created long ago with v2.  On this new version, three different times now, I've begun listening to a playlist, and then partway through a song, it will just stop playing that song.  It will then start playing the next song in my music folder (alphabetically).  When I try to go back and play that playlist again, Poweramp no longer can see the playlist...it simply isn't there anymore!  After looking at the playlist files on my device, I found that the playlist files for those three playlists are corrupt!  Their file size is listed as 0 bytes.  

Rescanning does not help.  Rebooting the phone does not help.  Obviously because the playlist files have been corrupted somehow.  I only mention it because I'm certain someone will suggest I try that, and I already have.  Luckily, I had the files backed up on my computer and was able to recover them.   

This was the final straw.  I'd been really unhappy with V3.  It was much more complicated to use, and bloated with 'features' that I don't care about.  They took a product that worked well and was simple to use and turned it into a program that seemed to care more about how it looks on the screen of my device than how it works.  I just want to listen to my MP3 files.  I don't want to see a kaleidoscope of colors, or a real-time graph of audio levels (real or simulated).  Just play the song already!  

As a result of the above, I've left the beta program and gone back to V2.0.10/588.  I love that version...it is intuitive, works great, and sounds great. 

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