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Having issue with BlueTooth Calls on Charge and PowerAmp

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Please advise on the following:

When driving I plug Tape into deck and into my Samsung Charge. I also initiate BlueTooth so I might take phone calls hands free. In the past Poweramp would start as it does now on plug in. Once a call came in the music would stop and the call would come over to the Plantronics device on my ear when it was accepted. With the Charge and the newly downloaded version of Poweramp this is not the case. The Bluetooth does kick in but the switch is no longer made from the speakers to the headset and the mic also does not kick over. I have explored the settings in Poweramp and can not find anything to circumvent this issue. This defeats the purpose of hands free and would be quite the bogus reason to go to another player just due to my having to unplug the wire each time I got a call due to my having to take my eyes off the road.

Please assist.


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