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album art "embedment" idea


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 I wanted to add an idea that would possibly help "fix" the issue with emeded album art. I know it's very complicated to code a new feature in a app, so developing a way to embed Album art my not be possible at this time. I have a possible solution to this though. I do not totally understand how Poweramp "embeds" their album art work when searching online through the app, but I believe they do it through a cache process. For example, when you have album art missing you can search some online. This creates a cache path so the album will appear in the app, but will not embed it. Would it be possible to import albums caches to a new phone? Let's say someone spent all this time (me, and I'm sure other users) searched album art through the app but are getting a new phone soon. Could they possibly import their album art cache to their new phone? I think it could be possible. Unless the way cache works doesn't allow it... Let me know what you guys think? ?

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I've been playing with these folders so I've been able to Customize Poweramp album covers and artist images and do some tricks you can't do in the Poweramp menu's.. You can simply copy back and forth from the PC to phone/device and it updates as soon you close the app and re-open it.

You can put any standard JPG in there as long as you name it correctly. Special characters like & + ( ) " : ' ¡ have to be replaced with _  For example: "Artist: Bob Marley & The Wailers"  would become "Bob Marley _ The Wailers.jpg" or "(hed)p.e." has to become "_hed_p.e..jpg"  and I have found $ . ! -  to work fine. There are probably other characters but I haven't come across them in my artists names or album titles.

I think the coolest trick I have found is the ability to set album art to a completely different image than embedded no matter how many songs are listed and still see both...


album_art/  <-  If you place a jpg in here, this is the artwork you will see for the album thumbnail and banner art. So your songs can have a totally different embedded art for each song and when you're viewing the song list or playing a song you'll see the embedded also. If you look at SCREENSHOT 1 you can see I only have one song under this album, yet I have the original album cover, and the cover the single was released with embedded. To do this just drop a jpg in here and name it "Artist - Album Title.jpg". SCREENSHOT 2 is also an example of this and how to get around Poweramp selecting the first song on the list as the album art thumbnail/banner.



selected_artist/   <-this is where Poweramp saves artist images that show up as the main image next to the artists name and in the banner when you click on their name. SCREENSHOT 3 and SCREENSHOT 4 show this. I have simply used the artists logo. Place a jpg in here and name the file "Artist.jpg". Note: This is useful for artists with two character names like "U2" that Poweramp won't let you browse or change artist images.



selected_aa/   <-this is where Poweramp saves album images and will override whatever art you have embedded  for each song and show this one image for that artist + album tag combo. SCREENSHOT 5 shows this. Simply place any image you want in here and name it "Artist - Album Title.jpg" Note: this does not remove the embedded artwork, once this jpg is deleted from this folder, the original embedded artwork of each song will show again.


artist_art/   <- this appears to be do the exact same thing as the "selected_artist/" folder but I have yet to see Poweramp actually use this folder and "selected_artist/" takes preference over images in this folder anyways. No need to use this (I don't believe).


I have not figured out how to change genre or playlists photos yet. Although since the playlists choose the 1st song as the cover, one could simply put a short 3 second mp3 at the beginning of a playlist with whatever artwork they want embedded in the mp3. You could somewhat hide the mp3 by not tagging them and they'll show up as unknown artists or tag the mp3's as an artist you would never view. You could manipulate the playlist thubmnails that way. Still not sure how to deal with genre though.

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