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List View with alpha 790 style


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There's a listing mode that looks to appear only on the alpha build 790, that we don't even know it's name because on the 790 some menus weren't working yet.

It was available for both folders and audio files inside folders, as an independent config. It's something very simple and it's not a super essential feature at all, but I do really miss that listing mode and I think some other people might miss it too.

One of the main reasons for me to miss so much this mode is, I have some albums with long names, and I am also used to throw some info on the folder names, like the year of release, the quality if it's not a standard 16bit files, the event where some of them were released... And despite it cutting the pictures, I think that's a very good looking list mode.

Here's a sample picture of that.Ip1Ky5m.jpg

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