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Poweramp V3 Sample Skin EN/RU

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8 hours ago, djdarko said:

Agree! They included the option for square art on the non-alternate layout. It would be great if they could combine that art with the alternate text layout and seekbar.


+1. We've been asking the skin authors and hopefully they can it to us.

-alternative layout with new wave seek bar (no plain seek bar (line), title/artist/song below album art, option for transparent navbars and album art blur on/off.

That's basically it.

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On 9/17/2018 at 4:39 PM, sethnet said:

The same thing happens to me in my Mate 10. With the alternative ui the cover art does not occupy all the available space. And over the buttons is too much wasted space.

Maybe you can fix that when you go into the Developer options and Screenshots the dpi a little bit down.

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5 hours ago, boyRiot said:

how to enable plain seekbar?

Go to the very first post on this thread where the skin author listed his skins. Download the Dark theme. You will be presented with 2 options. The Alternative Layout is what you are seeing here and it has the plain seekbar already enabled. Hope that helps.

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On 9/16/2018 at 1:50 AM, Pindar said:

I suggest you, if you can do a transparent the background in the text, is black and great but I think look better is only text without background black;).



Text should be in single line and transparent. Make the buttons (Play and pause) button sliver metal cot feels good.

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On 10/15/2018 at 2:18 AM, invaderzim said:

@djdarko do you have update with the free skin in your 4pda forum? I resulted in buying the other premium skin but was not overly satisfied as the alternative layout is but the same - since they were all based from Max' sample skin.

Nope. Did RznNike release a new update on 4pda?

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