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Random album mode/button

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The main reason I bought Poweramp was because I had this feature no other app had. I used to be able to skip albums (folders) but play each album all in order by using the "next folder" button. But now if i do that it just skips to the following folder. Holding it now jumps to the last folder, which is pretty useless TBH. I don't see why anyone would want to skip to the last folder.

Was this feature removed completely? or there's an option to enable it (although i'm pretty sure there isn't)

Basically I want a random CD changer that doesn't randomize the songs in the CD

In rockbox this used to be possible by pressing the "next" button fast and then a second time for longer.

The other thing that was possible before IIRC was auto-advancing to a random folder, which is pretty much the same feature

Is there any way to get these two features back??

Great app!, I tried all the other ones but was never impressed until I tried Poweramp, especially because it had the random album mode

Thank you

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