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Auto-resume on wired headset does not work after bluetooth use (795)

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I have both "Resume On Wired Headset" and "Resume On Bluetooth" turned on. Pause and Resume works with bluetooth disconnect and connect, but after a bluetooth use when the player is paused, if I connect a wired headphones, it does not auto-resume. If I press play, it works correctly, and from this point, If I disconnect the headphones, the player pauses, and resumes on connection again.

I have a Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact and I use a jack-USB-C adapter for my jack headphones.

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Depending on OS and power/background task killing settings, Poweramp may be unloaded and / or it's background service can be completely disabled, meaning it's not possible to start on connection. More details can be extracted from log (logcat) if captured during such failed-resuming connection.


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