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Native DSD Support (for supported devices)


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9 hours ago, maxmp said:

There is no any difference in DSD vs, saying, FLAC playing for Poweramp, this is something else, not format dependent if it happens for you. Though, you didn't specify Poweramp version, nor your device / Android variant.

Oh forgot to mention the device, LG V30+ stock android 8.0.0 using Poweramp 795. in stock music player LG playing DSD volume is normal like playing flac, also in Sony Music stock player playing DSD volume is normal, But in Poweramp is low volume when playing DSD.... flac, aif etc is normal in Poweramp, does Poweramp using DoP or natively?

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4 hours ago, aperezto said:

Poweramp do not support DSD native, app just decode to pcm, it really sucks. 👎🏻

What else is a player supposed to do? Android's final audio output is based on PCM to analogue, so it needs to be converted to PCM at some point anyway. Anything requiring post-processing - such as equalisation, editing, dynamic range control, adding reverb, etc -involve a DSD stream being converted to PCM to do the processing, and just about every studio recording made with DSD goes through that process anyway. Poweramp is no different in that its EQ, gain, crossfade, etc functions need the audio to be in a clean PCM format.


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