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For the majority of users, the verification process via Google Play might work like charm.

But for those (including me) who have quit with google, this might be a bit harder.

Fist of all, I've purchased Poweramp in the first instance from the google play store, years ago. But after a time, I've deleted my google acc, which wasn't a problem as Poweramp has been already registered.

Some weeks ago, I had to restart my phone multiple times and after that, Poweramp requested a purchase verification to the google play services (which of course weren't able to verify the purchase).

Since I've used Poweramp for quite a long time and still enjoy the app, I decided to re-buy it and give the website-purchase option a shot.


Unfortunately, the app wasn't able to verify my purchase, since I'm using BlueMail (which seems not to be supported for verifying the email, http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323571-unlocker-without-google-account).

After some short discussion with the developer I had to face the fact, that the only option for me, is:

to install the Yahoo Email App,

create an Yahoo Email Acc (or use my existing Email)

and then register Poweramp


As you might guess the reason why I quit with google, you might also understand, that this isn't a suitable workaround for me in no way.

Furthermore it's not a good idea to require an third-party app for the verification of the purchase.


My suggestion:

Introduce something like a simple username/password/orderID verification which makes a request to the database on the Poweramp website.

I'm sure the developer had his reasons to do it the way it's currently implemented, but this shouldn't be the way in the long run.


Although my circumstances may be very unique, I'm sure a rework of the verification process might be an benefit for the great application.

Best regards

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