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compact list view in every lisy option

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so there a new view for the queue called compact list (see image)


this so far is the best view option in the new ui

what i dont understand is why is it exclusive to the queue list

please add this option tothe other list options



i know how you guys ignore/hate folder hierarchy list, please dont

and thanks for the hard work, bugs are getting fixed and requests are being met



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I would also suggest (as per a number of user requests) a simple 'Text Only' option, which would be the same as Compact List but without any indented artwork.

Oh, and with the addition of these new styles, the flow of the pinch-zoom feature in the library screens has become a bit fragmented and it jumps from style to style a bit. I would suggest that the pinch-zoom sequence should always zoom logically from smallest List to largest List, then from smallest Grid to largest Grid.  


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For anyone who's wondering if this was ever implemented - it was - every list supports small layouts, such as 1 line, Grid - 1 line small, 1 line extra small, etc. You can get there via List Options "View As" section or by zooming out with the pinching gesture.

List settings such as zoom are stored per the category type so you can have folders zoomed to one level and playlists to the another.

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