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Rainbow Skin for Poweramp 3.0+! (Build 795+)


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On 9/12/2018 at 2:57 PM, 7OH said:

In a new version added very small difference color for current played song in lists (see in 796 thread).

In light version can be see more clear, in dark theme it almost not visible

I m looking on it . I'm not sure if I am able to expose since it seems to use the same color of the dark parts which I put in black :)

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On 9/9/2018 at 6:43 PM, Rabangus said:

Tried, but got refund because seems impossible to get the combination I'm after (track/album info below album art, pro buttons hidden, default (new/fancy) seekbar). Will keep an eye on this and if those options become available will definitely purchase.


On 9/11/2018 at 7:31 AM, luv4metalcore said:

Yeah, just purchase the skin, and I like the alternate layout but would like an option with it to either have buttons or not have them, and just have the wave seekbar. Be able to choose both would be nice too. Just in the alternate layout those options to choose, if possible. I saw the alternate on wave seekbar having different ways to have the seekbar are but that is not really what I wanted.

Choose between wave or old one, and choose between buttons or not.

Otherwise, thanks and I love it, and love the title, artist, album under the album artwork.

This is what I want as well. Haven't seen this in the sample free skin. @gcantoni will this be possible in your skin?

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Highlighted much awaited option/feature
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On 9/17/2018 at 4:19 PM, pauzak said:

great fixes! hands down. starting to love this build.
though I'd really reconsider bringing back the playback control in playlist menu UI. that was such a great option for a fast browse through tracks.

and you can kill me, but I still don't think that bringing buttons on top of a touch sensitive playback area in main menu is that great of an idea (same goes on titles on top ot he cover art). I know it's a kind'a modern design approach, but great things should be more about functions and ergonomics first (which will always kinda bring us back to "boring" maybe, but will always be worshiped by hardcore users). 

just a thought.

 Screenshot_20180917-112025C.jpg.51507dcb5db320f291dc534d7aed6280.jpg     Screenshot_20180917-105703s.jpg.d5868aa08ca0bd0452a94a02e6434f95.jpg

as far as really good design goes, u never want  overlapping buttons in your UI, and artwork with titles covered with menu parts.. it will never be ergonomical / fuctional 100%

+ the less we have to press to get something done asap = the better the UI. if you don't care much about the cover art, then apply the play list in that area isnterad (don't just ruin it), it would be way more functional and make more sense. now jumping forth to the main and back to the playlist all the time is really annoying at the moment (because there is no playback options in the playlist).

My suggestion would be to merge both (main UI and playlist UI) one day, and adapt the expansion option to the list area (take foobar2000 (PC) as a refernce - it's a winner amongst audiophiles because of it's ease of use, and simplistic customizable design (as if there's no design at all some would say. it's tight and smart!)).


9 hours ago, imetral said:

it would be cool if you did the standard V3 waveseek w/out pro buttons, but not have the tags covering the album art, also having the artwork squared off would be cool too.


hoping you can do mockup 02 above and have options to choose from for the Alternative Layout. Max had said that the skin author can do this now. TIA.

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1 minute ago, Champ said:

Fair point, but I looked and it was not explicitly stated (or at least did not see where). So I am still asking. If you know where it does say so, kindly point it out.. please thank you


yes it does have the alternative layout there is an image of it on the first page of this post.

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