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Allow switching of Category without interrupting playback


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This one has actually bugged me for years now, ever since I first started using Poweramp - and it's such a simple thing!

I would love to have an easy way to change the current playback category without having to interrupt or restart playback of the current song.

For example, I'm listening in Folders or All Songs mode and I hear a song which I'd like to continue to listen to the rest of that album (perhaps it's one track from a concept album) or hear more from the same artist. It would be wonderful if the three-dots icon option to view the current song's Folder, Artist or Album content could also switch playback into that mode too, so I could continue listening seamlessly to the whole Album without interruption.

A more versatile way might be to add a new "Switch Song Category" option into that three-dots menu, which would present a short list of all the available categories that are guaranteed to contain the current song (at least Folders, Artists, Albums, Genres, and even All Songs).


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