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beta-build 795-play suggestions for correction

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These are suggestions, I'm using a
samsung j5 prime,
5 "screen,
use nougat,
I hope you can correct those details.

Everything else I like a lot,
I can not find other skins to try.
If someone has fur links to try, please let me know.

For now, I can not find sound faults,
only in the design,
attach some screenshots to this forum,
I'm missing a catch,
so I'll attach it as an answer to this thread.





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I would prefer a more defined design,
more elegant then,
with that information that others demand.
Well that design can be for the standard skin,
So with another skin you can change and display the information
that the community asks for.

I hope the developers take them into account
reading this thread


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I have seen that you have got screen spectrum.
I'm not going to deny it, they're great,
but, but, there is always a but in between
It would be nice if they synchronized the screen spectra with the music.
this looks like windows and linux screen savers
in the 90s, when they became fashionable,
they all wanted to have them,
I tell you that they are the same,
only that they are now on android,
the ugly of this,
is that they simply move,
but they do not move to the rhythm of the music.
A synchronization between the spectrum and the music would be ideal.

I hope they can do it,
when these screen spectra came out,
for desktop PCs
the programming was not very advanced as now,
I hope you can do it.
And give it that rhythm that these screen spectra so badly need

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Hello! I've been testing the beta a few weeks , and In many aspects it's an awesome change, but also have a lot of little details to polish.


The major issue I've found It's about searching screen. In the old version, when you used the search option, Poweramp found any song , owing to the filename. In the beta it only recognizes the Title , Artist or Album in the metadata of the mp3 files. If you try to search any song by it's name or the name of the mp3 file, it didn't appears. Also I've noticed that the little "X" cross to delete the words on the search screen doesn't work.

The beta sometimes closes with a message about an error with app common libraries...

I hope It will be fixed in next releases. The rest of the beta works quite fluid, enough to use it daily...

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