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Album list, solid colour, new gestures

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1. I think app lacks an option for setting one solid (selected by user) colour for background  

2. What is more, I think there's a lot to do with gestures actions e.g. :

  • When in main screen [playing song] when swipe down on album cover you go to album list - but you are not able to do the same gesture to go from album list to go artist's albums list and then to artists list (damn that's complicated I hope you'll get it) *
  • Maybe for swipe UP you could see tags/ info about song's file (?) (just my idea)

3.When in album list - I find it useless (?) and not attractive that there is an album picture at every song. I would prefer just a casual numbered list for the songs in the album.

4. Changing some options e.g. background blur is annoying because you can't see the change immediately. (To adjust/tweak sth as I want  I have to go there and back few times to see the difference and choose the one I like)
5. Only 'All songs' has option for 'scrolling by letter' why not in albums, artists lists etc.
*While creating post I found that you can do this by swiping right or left - good to know 

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