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Id/Tags errors after album folder transfer from PC


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 Maybe I'm missing something but if I burn an album via ITunes to a folder on my pc desktop and transfer the folder to my mobile device (smartphone), Poweramp sees it as Unknown Artist/Unknown Album and I have to manually enter in all information except track name...

Can this be rectified somehow?.....I currently have 579 songs that need tagging!

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4 hours ago, tedg65 said:

 Can I add tags to the files using this software while they are still on my pc?

Yes, in fact it's very much the easiest way to do it. Put all 579 files into a PC folder and get TagScanner to read them all (it can also crawl subfolders if you want) and you'll get a long list showing you what is tagged and what isn't for each file. It can even batch process them all and try to build new tags from the filenames (assuming the naming format is consistent for parsing). 


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